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So, the bad news:

1. I'm sort of (momentarily, I'm hoping) bored with YGO?
2. FFVII is eating my brain.
3. Writers block (less in the I-can't-write kind of way and more in the if-I-had-any-compulsion-to-write-I-would-but-I-really-don't kind of way)
4. Very little free time.

Which all basically adds up to intense neglect of this journal and its flist.

But the good news:

1. FFVII is Collapse )

But yeah, don't be surprised if you don't see me around much for a while. *rather apologetic*

Um. And if anyone's interested in joining me over in my new fandom, my (currently empty, but hopefully soon-to-be-not) journal is skeletoncloset2. (And don't ask why I insist upon creating new journals for each fandom. It's mostly just a weird habit/anal-retentive-type-thing.)

*blinks* And I think this might be the longest entry (aside, of course, from fic) that I've ever posted here...

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So, I wrote it. Or the beginning of it anyway. And lylei made me a suitable icon to go with. ♥

Title: Mad People, part 1/?
Author: studyingstones2
Pairing: Seto/Yuugi, Seto/Mokuba, Seto/BEWDs, more to be determined later if this is actually continued
Rating: PG this part, maybe R-ish overall?
Summary: ~500 words.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

Unfamiliar with American McGee's twisted version of Alice and Wonderland? Watch the trailer here or a speed run here.

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So, just curious- if I were to write strange Alice and Wonderland/YGO crossover-ish fic (or possibly American McGee's Alice/YGO fic, if I got really crazy...), would anyone read it?

Definitely not promising anything though, because I said I was writing tentacle!fic and that never got posted (though I might still be hoping that it will eventually).

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Back from the vacation I didn't say I was taking (because I was pretty sure that I'd have internet access there and by the time it became apparent that I wasn't going to, it was sort of too late for an lj entry).

But yeah- lots of sun (which was nice), not too hot (which was also nice), and I had time to catch up on badly-needed sleep (which was awesome).

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I guess I need to see GX then...

Because eeeeee! It's all so cute. (And sort of fucking everywhere and I feel left out.) Not to mention the fact that Yuugi/Sho is definitely fast becoming a new favorite of mine, despite a complete lack of familiarity with Sho.

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Let's do this one again:

Give me something true about a character or pairing (from YGO, of course) and I'll try to write you a drabble sometime over the next couple of days.

And just as a disclaimer, if yours is the last request, it probably won't get written promptly or maybe at all. Not exactly sure why (other than the fact that I'm just really done before I get to the last couple), but a large percentage of the previous drabble offers have turned out that way and I just thought I'd warn you all.

And damnit, most of the point of Consequences was to finish it so that I could write pr0n in that universe. But now it's finished and it just sort of feels... way too over for that.

Also, I definitely need some sort of tentacle!icon.

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So I watched FF7 for the first time yesterday. And I've got to say, very pretty.

(Also sort of unsatisfying though. I mean, actual storyline, I believe you are missing.)

But it did make me want to buy a playstation, so I guess it fulfilled its purpose...